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What to Expect

There are 24 lessons from beginner to black belt. Each has been designed to focus on one aspect of becoming “The True Black Belt.” Each belt has its purpose and requirements which must be met before continuing to the next level of studies. Every class is different and might be easy for some but hard for others. However, with the combination of all lessons a student will have a complete education and be better physically and mentally than they ever have before.

Class Structure

Classes generally include students ranging across two belt levels. Youth, Teen and Adult classes are 60-90 minutes long. The first 20-30 minutes or so are spent on warming up and conditioning the body. There is a short break (a few minutes) and then we move on to technique, sparring, self-defense, etc… it varies class to class.


To advance from one belt color to another, students must make an appointment with Master Clark to test for the next level. At each level, you are tested on information and techniques learned in each previous level. For example, to advance to Purple Belt, you'll be tested on all material learned as a white, yellow, and orange belt. Testing times range from about half an hour for yellow belt to well over nine hours for black belt.

Private Lessons vs Group Lessons

We are often asked our opinion on private lessons verses group lessons and find that the most effective students use a combination of the two.  We highly encourage attendance in group classes as you have the opportunity to work with other students and also to learn for yourself from the coaching given to others.   That said, it can be very helpful to take an occasional private lesson just to have the opportunity to spend a full 30-60 minutes on specifically what you need to learn.  Many of our students will utilize a private lesson or two as the approach belt test to make sure they are comfortable with everything they need to know and demonstrate for the test.

Belts Progression of belts to Black Belt and the primary focus at each level:
white 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree

White Combinations

yellow 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree

Basic #2
Yellow Combinations
Kata Yi

orange 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree

Bo Staff

purple 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree

Kata Er / Falling

green 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree


blue 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree

Floating / Kata San
Self Defense

brown 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree

Hand Techniques
Foot Techniques
Mixed Techniques

red 1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree
Punch Combinations
Kick Combinations
Mixed Combinations

Beyond Black Belt

After achieving black belt, those who are crazy enough to continue move into a whole different level of physical and mental training. There are ten degrees to black belt, each taking approximately one year to master for a dedicated student studying 4-6 days per week. Intrigued?

Master Black Belt is achieved when you receive your Sixth Degree Black Belt.






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