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All students, of all ages, follow the same curriculum and have the same expectations for achieving the next belt.  Unlike the more common forms of Martial Sports taught in the United States, black belts are earned only by those students who meet the requirements that, in days past, made saying you were a black belt a highly respected accomplishment. 

Adult & Teen Classes

It might surprise you to learn that nearly half of our students are adults.  Often, Martial Arts is thought of as a sport for youth, but adults who come to Dragon's Way quickly find a home here.  The human body is an amazing thing and is capable of doing a lot more than most people try to make it do.  Adults often have a few more concerns that they bring to classes: old injuries, stiffness, a few extra pounds, or other similar concerns.  While these are legitimate concerns, they can be overcome with proper training, good recovery, and some persistence.

Teens join the adult classes when they are comfortable with a faster-paced class and with working out with adults.  Generally, this happens between ages 13 and 15 but can vary based on a number of factors.   Our current students in these classes are very friendly and create a warm, welcoming environment to all ages.

Youth Classes (7 yrs +)

It's no secret that Martial Arts is a great way for children to learn focus, balance, athleticism, and control.  Youth students also learn discipline and persistence.  When your child reaches the level of black belt, you can be assured that they will be a very respectable athlete, a focused student, a confident individual, and capable of defending themselves should the need arise.

As for ages, you classes are generally made up of students from 7 or 8 through around 13.  We are more insistent that the student be mature enough to handle a much more rigorous class then the Little Dragons (see below) classes.  Youth classes are 60 minutes.

Little Dragons Classes (3 - 7 yrs)

These classes will help little ones develop muscle control, attention, flexibility, and basic Martial Arts skills.  The purpose of the program is to give youngsters a fun and structured program that will prepare them to move into the traditional Martial Arts training as they mature.   

Because children in this age range can have vastly different maturity and coordination, we have divided the Little Dragons Classes into three different levels.  Master Clark will work with parents in determining the appropriate level for these students.

Self Defense Courses (12yrs - Adult)   

For more information about our self defense courses, please click here.

Tai Chi Classes (12yrs - Adult)   

Tai Chi is a form of Chinese Martial Arts that is practiced for health benefits including a means of dealing with stress and tension.  It is considered a "soft" form of martial arts and is often referred to as "meditation in motion".  Tai Chi is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasize force rather than brute strength.  The movements are executed with a great deal of precision.


Private Lessons

Advance Your Training Faster

Private lessons are, by far, the fastest way to advance your martial arts training.  You will find that there are a few elements at each level that are a particular challenge for you.  While this is completely natural, and to be expected, private lessons will help you shorten the time you spend between belts.

We recommend that you take a combination of private and group lessons as you make your way to black belt.  The specific combination that will work best for you depends on several factors such as natural ability, time available, finances, and how quickly you desire to progress. 

Private lessons are by appointment only.  Students are expected to arrive at the Kwoon physically ready to work on technique.  This means warmed up, stretched, and with a list of specific areas or questions to work on. 

  11525 SW Durham Rd, Ste D2, Tigard, OR 97224 - 503-980-5431 (for calls and texts) -