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LiDaGa ClarkWelcome

Welcome to the Chung Kuo Chuan Academy at Dragons Way

Normally not found in the United States, Chung Kuo Chuan is one of the oldest and most advanced forms to be found.  Chung Kuo Chuan has been the grandfather of hundreds of other styles commonly taught today.

The disciplines taught at Dragon’s Way are of the belief of building "better people" and not just fighters. Obviously, self defense is a key to any strong Martial Art Discipline but shouldn't be the only focus and lesson. We believe in balance in life and harmonization between the mind and the body.

Try a class on us! 
Curious about our lessons?  Wondering how we teach?  Not sure if this is right for you?  Contact us and we'll get you setup to try a class for free.  No pressure, no strings, and no problem! 

 Gift Certificates
Give the gift of confidence!  We happily offer Gift Certificates for Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Self Defense classes. 

Other Forms of Martial Arts

The typical forms found in the United States today are: Karate, Taekwondo, Tai Chi Chuan, Muy Tai, Aikido, Judo, and Kung Fu.     So, what's different between these and Chung Kuo Chuan?

Answer: Everything and nothing

 In order to get a complete package of Martial Arts education, one would consider learning...


>  Karate for rigid, hard attacks
>  Taekwondo for dynamic kicks
>  Tai Chi Chuan for balance and energy focus
>  Muy Tai for hard jamming techniques
>  Aikido for fluid, soft and defensive moves
>  Judo for grappling and ground techniques
>  Kung Fu for long term discipline and weapons


However, because Chung Kuo Chuan is one of only three Master Forms in the world, the student receives a well-rounded training encompassing all of those aspects of Martial Arts.


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